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Christmas Candles

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Snow Tipped Tree Taper Candles

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Classic Christmas Tree Taper Candles with snow details,
Order# BD-C205

Make holiday dinners all the more festive with these lovely Christmas Tree Taper Candles.

Crafted of unscented wax with glittering snow and ice detail, this tall holiday candle is perfect for a holiday centerpiece and makes a great gift with its attractive clear packaging.

^ Measures 11" tall x 2" wide
^ Fits standard 7/8" candle holder
Burn Time: about 4 hours

Order Classic Tree Tapers
$47.00 per Box of 6

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Ships via UPS directly from
our IL supplier usually within 1-3 days... THEN add shipping days to your address
Ordering Info and Shipping Time Ordering Info and Shipping Time

Christmas Tree Candles
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Christmas Tree Candles

Large, Order# BD-C494-TREE, 11.75"H,
Burn Time: about 20 hours
Small, Order# BD-C493-TREE, 7.75"H,
Burn Time: about 12 hours

Beautiful white trees make a lovely centerpiece and will compliment any holiday decor! Also great for Winter Wedding centerpiece, reception, table top lighting, Christmas centerpiece, Christmas decorations and holiday home decor.

^ NOTE: These items have been Discontinued by our supplier - We have Limited Quantites in stock

NOTE: Ships from our FL location uually ships in 1-3 days
THEN add shipping days to your address.
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Order Small
Only 4 boxes left in stock
Box of 6, $30.00

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Order Large
Only 2 left in stock
$15.00 each

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Beeswax Tree Candles Beeswax Tree Candles

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Beeswax Christmas Tree Candles

A--8" tall, Plain, Order# DAD-8970
B--8" tall, Frosted
, Order# DAD-8971
C--8" tall, Glittered, Order# DAD8976

D--12" tall, Plain, Order# DAD-8972
E--12" tall, Frosted, Order# DAD8973
F--12" tall, Glittered, Order# DAD8977

Beeswax Tree Taper Candles
8" plain

Beeswax Tree Taper Candles
8" frost

Beeswax Tree Taper Candles
8" glitter

Beeswax Tree Taper Candles
12" plain

Beeswax Tree Taper Candles
12" frost

Beeswax Tree Taper Candles
12" glitter

These beautiful Beeswax Tree Candles are a must-have decoration for the Christmas holidays or any rustic
decor. These festive holiday candles are designed to fit a standard 7/8" taper candle holder.

Available in four holiday colors AND in 3 styles:
Plain, with Frosted branches or with a Glitter finish.

A beautiful choice for holiday home decor, elegant dining and festive occasions during the holiday season. A great way to infuse the warm glow of candlelight to any event or gathering. A stand out design on your table top, fireplace mantle or anywhere you place these festive taper candles.

^ Made of 100% premium, clean-burning beeswax.
^ American-made, all-cotton wicks.
^ Unscented.
Burn time: 1-1/2 hours per inch!
^ Sizes: 8" or 12" tall x standard 7/8" diameter.
^ Available in 3 styles: Plain, Frosted or Glitter finish
^ Sold in Pairs, ONE color per pair.
^ Available colors:
Classic Ivory - 03 | Cranberry - 16 | Forest Green - 14 | Holiday Red - 12

^ We CANNOT guarantee a delivery date due to the manufacturer's production schedule.
^ We've been told that these are manufactured on a schedule according to color - with the more popular colors being made more often than other colors.

^ Once we place this order with the manufacturer we cannot cancel the order for any reason.
^ Cancellations and Returns are NOT allowed - No exceptions.

These candles are copyrighted by the manufacturer and unavailable from any other source. We continue to offer this line of candles as a courtesy to our frequent customers who need a place to order these particular candles.

Colors: colors shown are representative and may not be an exact match due to variations in wax and please keep in mind that colors will display different from one computer monitor to another.

Fixes: Beeswax is a very soft wax and becomes pliable at about 100 degrees, so it's not uncommon for beeswax candles to lose their shape during shipping. This can easily be corrected by holding the candle in your warm hands for a several minutes. This will warm up and soften the wax so you can gently bend the candle back into shape.

Thank you

Order 8" Plain
$22.00 Pair

Order 8" Frosted
$23.00 Pair

Order 8" Glittered
$23.00 Pair

Order 12" Plain
$23.50 Pair

Order 12" Frosted
$24.50 Pair

Order 12" Glittered
$24.50 Pair

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