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Dedicated to offering Candles of the highest quality employing traditional candle making methods and our own Wax Wizardy for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts


Our Wedding and Unity Candles are custom-made to
YOUR specifications. We can work from your Wedding invitation, your photograph, or we can create custom graphics to match your theme!

We can imprint your names, wedding date, a favorite verse, poem, prayer, vows, or whatever you'd like!!

These personalized and very special candles are the perfect Wedding gift and their beauty makes
them a wedding keepsake that will be treasured for many years to come!!

Choice up to 3 colors for the "
inside colors".
Specify a dominant color for the "inside"
AND an outside color - usually white or ivory.

Colors and Sizes may vary due to wax temperature, and all candles will include white to separate inside colors. Sizes vary also- but only slightly

CLICK HERE for sample of colors


...also called 'Cut-n-Curl' Candles or 'Cut-and-Carve' Candles...

All of the hand carved and the hand sculpted candles shown at our site we create from "scratch". The large blocks of high quality paraffin wax specially formulated for "candle carvers" - are melted in our custom-made wax tanks and "cookers".

We cast metal molds to create the peculiar-shaped "center cores" for our hand carved candles. Using a clear (transparent) wax allows our candles to gives off a beautiful warm glow when lit - since light passes through the clear wax - making these beauties the 'center' of attention!

The center cores are strung on a hand-held hook and hand-dipped - one at a time - into hot colored waxes using white in-between most colors to help separate the colors - and to achieve specific colors. There can be as many as 40 dips for just one candle to achieve the proper thickness and shape. The last few dips determine the outside colorof the candle.... the inside colors are exposed when the candle is hand carved. Our "dipping station" wax tanks are custom made to our specifications. We have the ability to hand-dip up to an 18" tall candle depending on the diameter of the candle.

When all the dipping is done and the center core is now about 1" wider than it's original size the candle is hung from the hook and spins freely ready to be "cut and curled".

This is accomplished using special knives, tools, and 'fast but gentle fingers'... this process requires both speed and accuracy. The wax is cut, twisted and sculpted into beautiful intricate patterns exposing the inside colors. Patterns include twists and spirals,
criss-cross ribbons and bows, hearts, basketweaves, angels with wings and halo.
Each hand carved design can be uniquely different and wax temperature will play a role in the final outcome.

From "How It's Made":

*EACH CANDLE IS MADE in the highest tradition of professional candle making. We create quality, long burning, hand-crafted candles which we unconditionally guarantee against defects in workmanship.

You can read about our experienced candle carver

We invite you to read testimonials from our customers here:
And here:

Our standard color chart for hand-carved candles is here:

We offer several heights in both our "Wide Tops" and "Narrow Tops"

Visit this page for the best example of Wide Top & Narrow Top size comparisons:

Due to wax temperature the elegant hand carved cuts / designs may vary - sizes may vary slightly AND c
olors may vary. ALL candles will include white to separate the inside colors.

Please also be aware that dark colors such as black, navy blue, royal blue, dark or medium green, purple, burgundy and red tend to bleed through the layers of white wax over time. If you plan to display your hand carved candle over a period of time we suggest you select light to medium colors.

The most common cause of colors fading is exposure to UV light, including direct sunlight, reflected sunlight (such as being in a bright room), and even some fluorescent bulbs. For this reason candles should be burned as soon as possible. When storing candles keep them wrapped to avoid any type of light, and store them in a cool dark place.

Please note that we use the more expensive colored pigments which resist UV light much better than the cheaper candle dye.

CUSTOM COLORS and more about wax colors:
Matching a particular color is not always possible.
If you mail us a color sample make every effort to match your color, HOWEVER we CANNOT guarantee color match. There are standard colors in our wax tanks and to achieve other colors mixing hot wax is necessary. As wax cools it's color will change, so there's no way to see the final color until it cools completely.

Please also keep in mind as we're hand-dipping the candle into the hot wax tanks we're creatitng layers of color. When going from one color to another there will be some bleeding which creates a new color or shades of that color. So going from red to white will result in pink. This is a natural mixing and binding of the colored waxes that come into contact with each other. Darker colors are stronger colors and will bleed quicker and deeper.

NO metallic colored waxes such as gold, or silver.... if you've ordered a personalized candle that gets decorated in silks we can add some metallic trim when we decorate the candle, to pull your colors together.

Visit these pages to view the best examples of inside and outside colors:

The wax is cooling at a very high rate so the hand sculpting must be completed in less than 2 minutes for most size candles. That's the 'speed part'.... the accuracy comes from having a sharp eye, keepiing cuts even and level...and allot of experience.


Message from Diane...
As owner of this company I think you should know a litte about my background and experience. I've been hand carving candles for over 20 years. I was taught by a gentleman who had just closed his candle shop (of many years) and was moving out of state. He was willing to share this beautiful art - and many well-kept secrets - with me. His fee in 1990 was $1500 for a 40 hour week. For nearly 4 weeks he and I worked side-by-side, only breaking for lunch --and scrapping many, many "center cores"! Precision cutting, carving and speed can only come with many, many hours of practice and patience.

Wax Wizard Candles, the retail store opened for business the following week right next door to my Ceramic & Art Studio where I taught ceramic and art classes for more than 25 years - including hand-painting on porcelain china, porcelain doll making, clay-sculpting, pottery wheel, silk flower making and arranging, T-shirt painting and air-brushing, pen-n-ink drawing, water colors ... to name just some.

Because of my background in Art we can offer you custom graphic designs to match your Wedding or Party theme. Just let us know what you have in mind.

NOTE: Turnaround Time is always posted right near the item offered or on the page where the item's offered and here:

Thanks again for your interest in our hand carved candles.

We offer Matching Tapers for all of our Wedding and Unity Candles HERE.
The Unity Candle symbolizes the very essence of the wedding ceremony. Two taper candles, representing the couple as individuals, are used to light a single center candle as a visible symbol of their commitment to each other.
There are many variations on the 'Unity Ceremon'y and the individual details are completely up to you.

During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom, each using a taper candle, light the Unity Candle together. Our Matching Taper Candles placed on each side of the Unity Candle make a gorgeous centerpiece for the head Bridal Table and a suitable arrangement for Church. Single or pairs of Tapers can be placed on guest tables to add ambiance and beauty.

When you want to remember someone who can't be with you to share your wedding day. These are generally a simple design on a smooth pillar candle. We can imprint a special verse or your very own message.

We can create candles for ANY occasion with any message you'd like to convery. We have a nice selection of verses, poems, and prayers suitable for most any occasion. Please email us if you're interested in having something special created.

The Wedding and Unity Candles are beautifully decorated with a variety of silk flowers, ribbons, metallic leaves, pearl beads and other tasteful embellishments - just enough to look classy but not gaudy.

MUST be sent to us early to allow time for graphic manipulation and lamination. We have found that an oval-shaped insert (approximately 3.5" X 5.5") works well for most invitations, photos, verses, etc.
Please Note --These items are
not returned to you.

We can create a custom graphics to match your Wedding or Party Theme.
Just tell us your ideas or what you have in mind.

You can choose any grpahic you see at our Print Shop HERE:

Our Print Shop offers personalized Favor Tags and personalized Place Cards.

View some others Custom Graphics and Custom Labels:

Cinderella Wedding Designs
Personalized Tags and custom Labels

Although most folks "refuse" to burn these beauties, they are fully functional.
See our
Burning Instructions for details.

We offer a wide range of sizes in Pillar Candles in heights from 6 to 12 inches. These are smooth, long-burning, smokeless Pillar Candles with all-cotton wicks.

We can create a simple Unity Pillar with your names and wedding date, an elegant hand-carved Unit Candle, or something elaborate with
custom graphics designed to match your wedding theme. We can imprint anything you'd like on the smooth surface of these Pillars. They can also be decorated with silks.

See our Hand Carved Candle Index

which includes Birthday Countdown Candles, Anniversary Countdown Candles, Unity Candles and Memorial Candles.

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"A wick without wax around it is just a piece of string...
A candle without a wick is just a hunk of wax"