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Candles on this page are 1-1/8" in Diameter x 4-1/2" Tall
and 1-3/16" in Diameter x and 4-1/4"" Tall

There are No returns on these bulk packed candles
Please be sure what size you require

READ: How to Measure Candles and Candle Holders for a good fit

These taper candles are considered "dripless" under ideal conditions, but as with any "dripless" candles,
they may drip if burned where a draft or breeze is present.

What makes a candle dripless? CLICK HERE

Plumber Candles, Utility Candles

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Utility candles in glass jar for shabby chic decor
Plumbers candles set in sand in glass jars

Utility Taper Candles, Order# G2504BT

These white household utility candles are molded out of pure paraffin, are fine all-purpose candles, namely for home and commercial use.

Also known as "plumbers candles" because they were used by plumbers to melt lead when joining water pipe in the 19th century.

They're not just highly practical - they're also quaintly stylish. They have a charmingly outdated, fashionably unrefined look that makes them ideal for a "shabby chic" setting; that is, a setting that is
attractively thrift-store or flea-market such as a Bohemian setting with gaudy metals and vintage linens. Also perfect for a comfortable, cozy cottage setting. These white plumbers candles contribute wonderfully
to elegance that is cheap and full of heart.

These hard-to-find, odd size candles are also a great choice for luminaries or an emergency candle when the power goes out.

^ Size: 4.5" Tall x 1.13" Diameter (about 1+1/8").
^ Burntime: about 6-8 hours.
^ Sold in Box of 36
^ Sold in Case of 216

Usually ships in 2-3 days via FedEx
directly from our CA supplier, then add shipping day to your address
Ordering Info and Shipping Time Ordering Info and Shipping Time

Order Boxes of 36
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Regularly $52.00 per box
Now $46.80 per box

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Order Case of 216
20% Discount
Regularly $249.10 per case
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Utility Candles, Pusher Candles

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White Pusher Candles, Order# G0541

These short white pusher candles are molded out of pure paraffin.

These candles can ONLY be used in pusher tubes. They are not stand alone candles (like plumbers candles or short household candles) and not for use as luminaries.

They're a fine all-purpose candles for home and commercial use.

^ Size: 4-1/4"L x 1-3/16"D
^ Unscented paraffin wax.
^ Burn time 5-7 hours

^ Sold in Cases of 200 ONLY
^ On Sale - 20% Discount

20% Discount
Sold in bulk ONLY / Case of 200
Regularly $250.00 / Now $200.00

Enter Quantity:
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Usually ships in 2-3 days via FedEx
directly from our CA supplier, then add shipping day to your address
Ordering Info and Shipping Time Ordering Info and Shipping Time

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