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German Pyramind  Windmill Candles in white
White Pyramid Candles
Order# BD-C1119WT
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German Pryamid Windmill Candles in red German Pyramind Windmill Candles in white
Red Pyramid Candles
Order# BD-C1119RD
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German Pyramid
German Pyramid

German Windmill
German Windmill

German Pyramid Candles
German Windmill Candles
with 5/8" Diameter, 4" Tall
These small short candles are especially designed to power and propel German made windmills and pyramids as shown above. If you're lucky enough to own one - these are candles you need.

^ Size: 4" Long x 5/8" Diameter

^ Dripless, smokeless, all-cotton wicks.

^ Made in Germany
^ Choose Color: White or Red
^ Sold in:
^ Packs of 5 Boxes with 12 candles per box (60 candles total)
^ Packs of 20 Boxes with 12 candles per box (240 candles total)

Design and History:

The German candle pyramid is an ornate piece of artwork, which uses the heat a candle generates to rotate a fan, which will then move delicately carved figurines and images around in a circle. There are several other names used to describe candle pyramids, including: German pyramid, candle carousel, lightstocks, Windrädchen and table whirligigs. All of these names describe an item that has a central rod with a fan connected to the topmost end. Wind or heat is used to generate motion in the fan. This motion causes the rod to rotate and in so doing, causes movement of figurine settings.

The history of the German candle pyramid or candle carousel stems from a pre-industrialization age. The German candle pyramid originated from the development of the windmill, the first of which were built in Persia somewhere in the 6th to 8th centuries. It is believed that the windmill migrated with the crusaders back home to Europe where they were used to pump water and as grinders for numerous things (wheat, seeds, etc.). It is from the construction of a windmill that the concept of a candle pyramid, where a fan propels lightweight wooden tiers to move, came into being.

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Order Pack of 60
Pyramid Candles
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Regulary $69.70

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Order Pack of 240
Pyramid Candles
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These taper candles are considered "dripless" under ideal conditions, but as with any "dripless" candles, they may drip if burned where a draft or breeze is present.

ALL Candles require wicks to be trimmed to 1/4"
for proper burning

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Order# BD-C1123
Short Taper Candles
Chime Candles
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Candle Chime with Angels for Yuletide Christmas Candle Chime with Clowns for parties
Angels & Clown
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Base of Candle Chime

Bottom of Chime with candle heat propeling candle chime

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