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12" Taper Candles, Premium Dripless Taper Candles in a wide variety of colors

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12" Taper Candles, Order# BH-cez-tpr12
Sold by the dozen only - choose from 17 colors !!

^ A premium, high quality taper candle with all-cotton wicks and a standard 7/8" base.
^ Unscented
^ Burntime - about 5-6 hours
^ Sold by the Dozen ONLY - ONE color per dozen

^ Perfect lighting for wedding receptions, centerpieces, church, banquets, corporate events, parties, home decor and elegant candlelight dining.

^ These taper candles are considered "dripless" under ideal conditions, but as with all "dripless" candles, they may drip if burned where a draft or breeze is present AND wick trimming is necessary for proper burning of ALL candles.

READ: What makes a candle dripless? and Proper Burning - CLICK HERE

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Color samples

10 inch Ivory Taper Candles
Ivory #002

Light Rose 12 inch Taper Candle
Light Rose #003

Pink 12 inch Taper Candle
Pink #004

Ruby Red 12 inch Taper Candle
Ruby Red #007

Red 12 inch Taper Candle
Red #008

Burgundy 12 inch Taper Candle
Burgundy #073

Yellow 12 inch Taper Candle
Yellow #005

Orange 12 inch Taper Candle
Orange #006

Brown 12 inch Taper Candle
Brown #019

Light Blue 12 inch Taper Candle
Light Blue #011

Turquoise 12 inch Taper Candle
Turquoise #012

Blue 12 inch Taper Candle
Blue #013

Lavender 12 inch Taper Candle
Lavender #017

Purple 12 inch Taper Candle
Purple #018

Sage Green 12 inch Taper Candle
Sage Green #015

Aqua 12 inch Taper Candle
Aqua #010

Hunter Green 12 inch Taper Candle
Hunter Green #016


12" Tapers
$25.50 Dozen
ONE color per dozen

Enter Quantity AND Color Choice:
Example: 1-white & 1-red =2
OR: 2-Red OR: 4-Aqua

Enter Total Dozen:


Colors shown are representative and may not be an exact match due to variations in wax and please keep in mind that colors will display differently from one computer monitor to another.

There are No Returns allowed for this item

These ship to you directly from our CA supplier
Most orders ship within 2-3 days via UPS.
THEN add transit time from CA to your address (click to check transit map)
UPS Transit Time Map NO Shipping outside the 48 states

Ordering Info and Shipping Time
Ordering Info and Shipping Time


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