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Conch Seashell Candles, semi-translucent solid wax color throughout
Order# W803ConchSm

These beautiful Conch Seashell Candles are the perfect size for Beach Wedding favors or for any beach theme, nautical theme, tropical theme and great for home decor for that beach cottage look.

Conch Seashell Candle - Aqua

Conch Seashell Candle - Blue

Conch Seashell Candle - Cream

Conch Seashell Candle - Green

Conch Seashell Candle - Lavender

Conch Seashell Candle - Melon

Conch Seashell Candle - Peach

Conch Seashell Candle - Pink

Conch Seashell Candle - White

Conch Seashell Candle - Yellow

Conch Seashell Candles, solid color, Order# W803ConchSm

This candle mold was made from a real Conch shell so the detail looks real. (Canarium urceus from the Philippine Islands).

This is a HAND POURED candle with SOLID COLOR wax throughout, not white wax that's been dipped into colored wax. Premium translucent paraffin wax and all-cotton wicks.

Measures about 2.25 "Long X 1.25" High
Burn Time about 1-2 hours

^ 10 Colors available as shown above: aqua, blue, cream, green, lavender, melon, peach, pink, white, yellow

^ Order UNscented or Scented - Scent is "Beach Walk"™ - a Yankee Candle scent described as "Refreshing salt water and sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangerine and orange blossom."

^ Minimum Order: 12

^ Always burn candles on a candle-safe, non-flammable surface such as a glass or ceramic plate

^ There are No Returns allowed for this Close Out item

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Order UNscented
Minimum Order: 12
Colors Available--->
@ $1.95 each

Enter Color Choice(s):
Example: 6-White, 6-Purple

Enter Total Quantity:
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Unscented Currently in stock:
20-White, 8-Peach,
4-Pink, 8-Purple

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Order Scented
Minimum Order: 12
Colors Available--->
@ $2.10 each

Enter Color Choice(s):
Example: 6-White, 6-Aqua

Enter Total Quantity:
Enter Date Needed:

Scented Currently in stock:
15-White, 4-Cream,


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