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Whether you're planning a wedding, bridal shower, Quinceanera, a party or any celebration, you'll appreciate our huge selection of floating candles to help you create spectacular centerpieces or float in a swimming pool - and you'll save money on your event planning with our discount prices

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Close Out Sale on Floating Candles
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Featured Floating Candles

Luminary Spheres with Blue LED lights
Candle Spheres in
6 sizes: 3" to 14"
Luminary Lantern CandlesLotus Luminary Floating Candle
Luminary Floating Candles
Refillable fuel cell !!
white, off-white & ivory

Water Lily Floating Candles Hibiscus Floating CandlesFloating Sunflower Candles - 5,25 inch

Large Swimming Pool Candles
5" to 5.5" Diameter
Water Lily / Hibiscus / Sunflower


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Please read about Burn time and wick trimming


Please read about
Burn time and wick trimming for proper burning of candles

NOTE: candle colors shown are representative and may not be an exact match due to
variations in wax and please keep in mind that colors will display differently
from one computer monitor to another.
There are No Returns allowed on scented candles.

We offer a huge selection of floating candles
scented floating candles and unscented floating candles.

Floating Candles make lovely table decorations using our
glass bowls, glass cylinders, vases, hurricanes and tabletop mirrors.

Create beautiful floating candle centerpieces, wedding centerpieces for wedding receptions,
bridal showers, banquets, corporate events, parties and for any happy occasion.
Events are extra special with the ambiance of candlelight.


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Centerpieces and Centerpiece ideas

Glass bowls for Floating Candles, Glass Cylinders for Floating Candles, glass hurricanes, glass vases, glass holders for Floating Tealights, crushed glass, glass bubbles, glass ice cubes, glass gems, acrylic gems, stonea and river rocks, decorative balls, botanicals, faux accents, silks and many centerpiece ideas.

We also offer extra large floating candles for swimming pool candles, ponds and spas


Burn Times posted are only estimates which are based upon test burns under ideal conditions.

Many factors can effect the burn time, such as: air flow, drafts, breezes, opening and closing of doors,
ceiling fans, air vents, humidity, and temperature.

Wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" BEFORE burning AND routinely during burning.

ALL types of candles require routine wick trimming to burn properly.

Failure to trim wicks BEFORE lighting and routinely during burning is the NUMBER ONE reason
for improper burning of candles.

This can cause dripping, puddling, smoke and soot, scorched wax (or container) and reduces the burn time drastically!

With a 1/4" wick the flames should burn standing straight up with little or no flicker.

Trimming the wick too short can result in the melt pool being too small and suffocation of the flame.
If the flame is "fighting to stay alive" the candle is not burning properly.

REPEAT: ALL types of candles require routine wick trimming to burn properly.

For wedding receptions and other events we highly recommend that you assign someone the task of
checking on your candles every 30 to 45 minutes AND...trimming the wicks to 1/4" in length
as needed during the course of your event.

If you are burning candles for a long period of time during your event the candles may also require
pouring off any excess wax to ensure a proper burn. This is because the longer you burn a candle
the larger the melt pool will become.

We also recommend that you order 5 to 10% more candles than you feel you need should any candles need
replacing during your event. This is especially true for floating candles with a short burn time.

Thank you

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