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Candle Care & Burning

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Hand Sculpted Candles

Hand Carved Candle Centerpiece Set - Hand sculpted candles with matching Hand Carved Taper Candles, a beautiful candle centerpiece

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Important - Please Read Terms of this Sale

We are currently accepting Orders for hand carved candles

During hot summer months we do not ship hand carved candles
if the temperature is 90 degrees or above

Orders are currently shipping in about 2-3 weeks

We CANNOT guarantee a delivery date - NO Exceptions!

There are no Returns allowed for hand carved candles or personalized items

You must watch your email for UPS tracking or phone us in 2-3 weeks after placing your order for an update and trackiing information.

You are responsible to be available for delivery so the candle doesn't sit somewhere hot and melt.

Shipping cost - Extra-care packaging required.
Candle is wrapped in foam rubber, bubble wrap & surrounded by packing peanuts; shipped in a new carton, fully insured. Save the carton and packaging for safe storage throughout the year!
UPS rates go up every January

Trim candle wicks to 1/4 inch Remember to trim wicks to 1/4" before burning
AND pause to trim wicks during burning

Printable Burning Instructions
for your Hand Carved Candle

Download Burning Instructions
for your Hand Carved Candle

Thank you!


We cannot guarantee a color match since hot wax cools to a different color than when it's hot. White is always used for inside color to help adhere layers of wax and to separate colors.

Please be aware that dark colors such as black, navy blue, dark green, purple, burgundy and red tend to bleed through the layers of white wax over time.
For this reason we suggest light to medium colors. Darker colored candles should be burned as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE to Read About our Hand Carved Candles,
colors, designs, and sizes.

Hand Carved Candles
click to enlarge view

Centerpiece Candle Set - peach, green , white

click each image
to enlarge view

Centerpiece Candle Se

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to enlarge view

hand carved candle set

Learn more about our hand-carved candles

hand-carved candles Hand-Carved Taper Candles are Sold HERE

hand-carved candles Hand-Carved Unity Candles are Sold HERE

Candle Holders Sold HERE

Hand Ccarved Candles, 3-piece Centerpiece Set
Order# WW-CTR3N

Our hand-carved candles are...simply put - "The Best" - with over 16 years experience in candle-carving and a wide variety of colors to match your decor - these candles always make an big impression.

The large center candle is 13" tall and is tapered, meaning it's wider at the bottom and tapers in at the top. Featuring elegant 'Cut-N-Curl'
hand-carved designs (cuts/designs may vary) .

Candles get a 'final dip' into a specially formulated acrylic to protect the design and help resist dust.

Set includes a pair of matching 10" Taper Candles, as shown in the photos to the left. Tapers fit into standard 7/8" candleholder (may need some trimming).

NOTE: We cannot guarantee a color match since hot wax cools to a different color that when it's hot.

Price: $104.00 - 3 piece set
Shipping: $27.00

NOTE: Extra-care packaging required. Candle is wrapped in foam rubber, bubble wrap & surrounded by packing peanuts; shipped in a new carton & is fully insured. Save the carton and packaging for safe storage - UPS rates go up every January

Ordering Information

Please read Term of this Sale above

Use this pull-down menu to view Available Inside Colors-Then ENTER your color choices in the pull-down menu below when placing your order

View our Color Chart HERE

Order Here:
Enter Quantity:

Next enter up to 3 Inside Colors in the space below:
Examples: peach & green, pink/purple/teal, red-white-blue
Note: White is always used to separate inside colors


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Round Mirrors for centerpieces
Table Mirrors - for creating beautiful centerpieces

We offer octagon, oval and round Mirrors with beveled and scalloped edges, AND round mirrors with unbeveled edges, in sizes from 1" to 16"

Placing Mirrors under candles, glass cylinders, candelbras, or glass bowls with floating candles makes an elegant centerpiece and reflects lots of light! Scatter the small size mirrors on tablestops near candles for more reflection.

Pillar Candles on Round Mirror  - Centerpiece

Glass Cylinders on Round Mirror Centerpiece

Candelabra on Round Mirror centerpiece

Taper Candle on Round Mirror - Centerpiece

 Click on photos for more information

Mirrors are Sold Here

Centerpiece Mirrors, Table Mirrors

Visit our Bridal Shop
for centerpieces and centerpiece ideas

including glass bowls, bubble bowls, glass cylinders, glass hurricanes, brandy snifters, glass vases, glass lamp shades, candle lanterns, candle holders, stemmed glass candle holder, tall glass candle holders, pillar candle holders, tealight candle holders, votive candle holders, centerpice mirrors, decorative birdcages, gem stones, river rocks, colored sand and more!

Create beautiful centerpieces for weddings, receptions, guest table tops, head table decorations, banquets, showers, anniversary celebration, Quinceanera, elegant dining, parties, other celebrations and home decor.

Wedding Centerpiece

Candlelight provides a romantic atmosphere and illuminates the

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