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Candle Bobeche, Candle Drip Catchers

Protect your Candelabra with candle bobeches

What's a Candle Bobeche ?

Bobeche is a French word, circa 1897. Pronounced - bO-'besh (bo, like 'go') (besh, like 'mesh') the letter 'e' at the end is silent.

Definition: A glass or paper collar used at the base of a candle (usually a taper candlee) to catch wax drippings.

Also called candle drip catchers or candle saucers.

A candle bobeche fits around the base of a taper candle to protect candle holders, chambersticks, or candelabrum from wax drips. A must-have candle accessory for your prize candelabra or favorite candle holder.

We offer a wide variety of Candle Bobeches to suit your individual needs and decorating taste - from plain and simple to beautiful and elegant, including hand-cut and hand-etched crystal glass, reusable plastic, and disposable paper.

ALL of the bobeches we offer fit a standard 7/8" diameter (base size) taper candle.

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Candle Bobeches

These Glass and Crystal Bobeches are hand-cut and/or hand-etched.

The following Bobeches measures 2.75" in diameter (unless otherwise stated below) and are to be used with standard 7/8" Taper Candles.

Sold by the dozen unless otherwise indicated below.

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Cut edge and star design candle bobeche
Order# BD-M128/5
2.75"D, etched stars,
cut edge design
$47.00 Dozen
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Etched design candle bobeche
Order# BD-M130
2.75"D, etched leaf,
cut edge design
$48.20 Dozen
Enter Total Quantity:
Etched floral design candle bobeche
Order# BD-M117
2.75"D, etched frosted
white lace design

$44.00 dozen
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Christmas candle bobeche
Order# BD-M100XH
2.75"D, Christmas
leaf and berry design

$55.40 Dozen
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