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floating tealight candle holders

Candle Accessories, foam candle snuggers, candle adhesive, candle adapters, candle fitters, candle sharpener, candle shaper, floating tealight candle holders

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Candle Snuggers hold taper candles securely in candle holders
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Order Here:
Minimum Order: 2
Pack of 8, $2.79

Enter Total Quantity:

Candle Snuggers, Order# BD-M1009

These candle snuggers work with standard size taper candles which are 7/8" in diameter and also work for 1/2"D candles.

Simply place the flexible foam candle snugger over the opening of your taper candle holder and push the base of a taper candle into the operning. The Snugger will secure the candle and ensure a snug fit.

^ Usually ships in 1-3 days from our FL location

candle adapters to hold tapers snug

Order# BD-M1001
15 dots per pack

Order# G-8579
12 strips per pack

candle fitters keep tapers snuggly in place

Candle Adapters and Candle Fitters

Also called Sticky Wax or Taper Glue - holds tapers snugly in candleholders

Candle fitters or candle adapters are made from a special pliable, sticky wax. Place some around the base of your taper candles for a snug fit in the candleholder
. Just perfect for holding taper candles securely in their holders. 

HINT: roll a small piece of the sticky wax between your fingers to form a "skinny snake", then wrap it all around the base of the taper candle before placing it into a candle holder. Works great for applicatons where the candle is slightly smaller then the candle holder.

Order Here:
Price: $3.89 per pack

Enter Total Quantity:

NOTE: We will ship whichever item is available
at the time you place your order.

Usually ships in 1-3 days from our FL location


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candle sharpener
cande shaper

Candle Sharpener, Order# BD-M999

It's sometimes difficult to get your tapers just the right size for your candleholders. With our candle shaper and sharpener, sizing your tapers is as easy as sharpening a pencil. Just insert end and turn, shaving off a bit of the candle until it fits just right.
^ Price: $3
.79 each
^ Usually ships in 1-3 days from our FL location

Order Here:

Enter Total Quantity:

Glass Holders for Floating Tealight Candles

Floating Tea Light Candle Centerpiece

Floating Tealight Glass Candle Holders, Order# BD-HJ744

These bubble-shaped, blown glass discs allow you to float Tealights and set a magical atmosphere! These may include a very small hook built into the glass on the bottom underside which allows you to clip on a glass fish or another decorative item that appears to float in the water.

Measures nearly 3 "W x 1"H.
Sold by the dozen ONLY

Unscented Tealights sold separately below
Scented Tealights Sold HERE

Order Floating Tealight Holders
@ $35.00 per dozen

Enter Total Quantity:
Enter Date Needed:

^ Usually ships in 2-3 days from our IL supplier
Ordering Info and Shipping Time Please Read here before ordering

tealight candles
Floating Tealights

Tealight Candles, Unscented, Order# HH-6422-TEA

Use with our Floating Tealight Holders (sold above), potpourri burners, chafing dishes and food warmers. These are great to have on hand when the electricity goes out, too! Self-contained metal cups are safe; long-burning white wax;
^ Burntime: about 4 hours each

^ Minimum Order 50, $ .28 each ON SALE
^ Usually ships in 1-3 days from our FL location

Order Here:
Minimum Order: 50

Enter Quantity

Only $ .28 each

Tealight Index is HERE

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