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What makes a candle dripless?

What makes a candle dripless is a special outer layer of wax.
This layer has a higher melt point, and so does not melt as
quickly as the center of the candle, forming a cup that holds
the melted wax in.

The American made taper candles we offer are made dripless by
striking the perfect balance of wax formula and wick size.
Under ideal conditions these candles will not drip. But as with
any "dripless" candle, a draft or breeze could cause the flame
or wick to lean to one side, which may collapse the "cup" that
holds the wax in, causing the candle to drip.

There are many things that factor in to how a candle burns....
running ceiling fans or central heat or air conditioning, cold-air
return vent in a room, opening and closing doors in a room,
an open window, humidity, anything that causes a draft, etc.

Another important factor in proper burning is wick trimming.
Wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" BEFORE burning and will also
require trimming during burning. This is true for ALL candles.
Candles should never be burned unattended, so check the wick
often to see that they burning properly.

Wicks on taper candles will bend over as they burn. Don't allow
the wick to get so long that it bends over and touches to top
of the candle, forming a "loop" - on ANY candle. If the wicks
get too long the candle burns faster than it should and this is
what causing dripping, smoke or the wick will "drown" in the
melted wax and go out. The flame of a taper should stand
about 1.5" tall and should NOT flicker. Wicks on other candles
should stand about 1/2" to 3/4" tall. If it flickers and is fighting
to stay lit the candle is in a draft and will burn too quick.

Drafts and not trimming wicks are the main causes of dripping
and smoke.

ALL candles require attention and maintenance during burning.

Please follow these guidelines for maximum burntime and enjoyment!

carved candle when lit

Hand carved candles glow beautifull when lit...

To burn and maintain your hand carved candle it must be 'trained' to form a "well" around the wick.

All of our candles have a "start ring" - a slight depression around the wick. As you burn the candles this ring will expand in ALL directions. You don't want it to get too big or become oval in shape.

It is important that you "train" the start ring so it forms a "well" the size and depth you will need to insert a 8-10 hour votive candle - AND be able to repeat this procedue.

The candle actually becomes a candle holder extending the life of the carved candle.

This is accomplished very easily with all of our "Wide Hand Candled Candles.

Full Instructions are below

Instructions and Ca
re of your Hand Carved Candle

Carved candle burning instructions
Please follow these ten simple steps to get the maximum use and enjoyment
from your hand carved candle.

1. Burn the candle for NO MORE THAN ONE HOUR the first time you light it, then increase the time gradually.  
2. Pour off any melted wax remaining when you extinguish the candle - then allow the candle to cool in a safe place.
3. NEVER allow the candle to burn in a draft. This will cause the "well" to become lopsided. Ceiling fans are a BIG no no!
4. Trim the wick EACH time you light the candle. Wicks should be no more than inch long.   (that's one-quarter inch long)
5. Never allow black smoke (carbon or soot) to burn from the wick. If this happens you need to trim the wick.
6. When the "well" is 2 to 2 inches deep insert an 8-10 hour votive made of a transparent wax - opaque colors will block the light.
7. Avoid displaying your candle in direct sunlight since ultraviolet rays can break down the dyes and cause irregular burning and discoloration.
8. To Clean: Feather dust or spray with a light mist of cold water, blotting dry with a soft towel. NEVER allow water to remain on the candle.
9. NEVER leave a candle unattended - under ANY circumstances!
We shall not be held responsibility if you do!
10. Use common sense - and NEVER allow children to "play" with a lighted candle or leave them unattended with one!

For Printable Burning Instructions
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Enjoy your candle!