The design of the our hand-sculpted candles has lots of cuts, twists, and curls - so it will need some trimming to keep it even at the top. Even most smooth pillar candles require some trimming.

Please follow these 12 simple steps to get the maximum use and enjoyment from your hand-crafted candle.

1. Trim the wick to 1/4" BEFORE lighting the candle. ALL candles require wick trimming during the burn time as well. If you see the wick starting to bend over it's time to blow out the candle and trim the wick to 1/4" again.

2. Burn the candle for NO MORE THAN ONE HOUR the first time you light it - increase the time gradually if desired.

3. Pour off any melted wax remaining around the wick when you extinguish the candle.

4. Now is the time to trim the candle and "even things up". Any wax surrounding the wick near the top of the candle will be soft and pliable. You can use a small paring knife to trim the excess wax and even up the top - then allow the candle to cool in a safe place.

5. NEVER allow the candle to burn in a draft. Drafts and air flow, such as ceiling fans or air vents will cause the wick to flicker and fight to stay "alive" which can cause the candle to burn the wax too quickly and the candle's pool of wax around the wick will become lopsided.

6. Trim the wick EACH time you light the candle. Wicks should be no more than inch long.

7. Never allow black smoke (carbon or soot) to burn from the wick. If this happens you need to trim the wick.
8. Avoid displaying your candle in the direct sunlight since ultraviolet rays can break down the dyes and cause discoloration.

9. To Clean: Feather dust or spray with a light mist of cold water, blotting dry with a soft towel. NEVER allow water to remain on the candle.

10. NEVER leave a candle unattended - under ANY circumstances! We shall not be held responsibility if you do!

11. Use common sense - and NEVER allow children to "play" with a lighted candle or leave them unattended with a burning candle!

12. Storing your hand-sculpted candle:
Save the original packaging materials that your candle came in as it's an excellent way to store your candle. This will protect the hand-sculpted design and prevent ultra violet rays from fading the colors. Store in a cool place (air conditioned) - or refrigerate the candle.

Enjoy your candle!
~:Diane Barton, Chandler
Wax Wizard Candles


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