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Oil lamps, oil lamp inserts

Oil Lamps, Oil Lamp Candle Inserts include glass bottle, fiberglass wick, and wick holder

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Forever Oil Lamp Kit, Order# LL4081B <--Sorry, SOLD OUT



Oil Lamp insert kit

Ultra Pure Lamp Oil, 8 oz bottle

Forever Kit in top of Candle

oil lamp insert

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Instantly transform your candle into an Oil Lamp and preserve the beauty of your hand carved candle FOREVER... since you'll never burn the candle's wick!!

The Forever Kit requires a hole be drilled in the top of your candle where the small glass container is inserted. (Cavity needs to measure 1.5"D x 1.5"H). You can relight the candle again and again without disrupting the design of the candle or ever burning it's original wick. Many churches that don't allow candles are pleased with these since there's no chance for wax to drip.

Each 'Forever Kit' comes with a small glass container, wick holder, lifetime fiberglass wick, and funnel.

Use Lamp Oil
or Hurricane Lamp Oil (sold in bottles at Wal Mart)

NOTE: You can install the Forever Kit on most candles that have a flat top and diameter of 3" or more. This includes our hand-carved candles, pillar candles and ball candles

If you order one of our hand carved candles and the Forever Kit we'll drill the correct size hole in the top of your candle.


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See our exquisite
Glass Oil Lamps

These make wonderful centerpieces, gifts and accent any decor.
For odorless, smokeless, and long-burning pleasure,
with beautiful reflections of light through their glass bodies.


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